Artwork by Taís Koshino

Prisma is a decentralized curatorial experiment that will result in collective exhibitions that will be released between June and December 2021. The goal of the project is to collect art from women, LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC artists, and encourage the curatorial practice by artists-curators from our community.

Prisma is an initiative by DiverseNftArt and its first edition was funded by Hic et nunc and André Venancio. For the next editions, we are raising funds by selling patreon NFT stamps, the stamps artwork were made by the invited artist Marissa Noana.

How it works

Between June and December 2021, one curator will be selected by the previous curator to make the next exhibition. The first curators are us, Amelie and Taís. Each curator can select a minted OBJKT and/or commission a special artwork from a listed artist and/or from our community. The curator will have a 60 tezos budget and a 10 tezos payment. Each exhibition must feature between 5 and 15 artists, have a title and a small text about the selection of artworks.

How to participate

To participate as an artist and/or curator, please fill in this form 

PRISMA Editions

PRISMA #1 - Prism, curated by Amelie Maia and Taís Koshino
PRISMA #2 - Fogo-fátuo, curated by Mariana Destro
PRISMA #3 - Crash, curated by Mari Nagem

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