OBJKT4OBJKT Exhibition

Artwork by Amelie Maia

DiverseNftArt is happy to announce OBJKT4OBJKT second edition and the first OBJKT4OBJKT Virtual Exhibition in partnership with Hicetnunc, VerticalCryptoart, @Esclaponr and @jaxjmart

The first OBJKT4OBJKT Virtual Exhibition was hosted on Cryptovoxels. It was part of  a weekend celebrating all the amazing artwork that was shared for free with the hicetnunc community. The exhibition display was built by @Esclaponr and @jaxjmart.
It is a pleasure to be able to exhibit so many artworks from such a diverse range of artists. We hope that everyone can attend and also get to know each other in the metaverse.
On Saturday, April 24th 2021, at 7pm CET, VerticalCryptoart was hosted on Hicetnunc Discord an open talk for artists to share about their art and artistic process, this talk will also going to be livestream at the exhibition. At 8pm CET, there was the traditional livestream Hicetnunc & Friends on twitter.

OBJKT4OBJKT Exhibition at CryptoVoxels

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