Artwork by Taís Koshino

DiverseNftArt is happy to announce OBJKT4OBJKT second edition and the first OBJKT4OBJKT Virtual Exhibition in partnership with Hicetnunc, VerticalCryptoart, @Esclaponr and @jaxjmart

It's nearly been a month since the first OBJKT4OBJKT event, which was in celebration of 10k minted OBJKTs on Hic et nunc, and now we are almost at 50k! The growth of the Hic et nunc community has been amazing and we would like to invite everyone to join us in #OBJKT4OBJKT 2nd edition swap weekend!
During this weekend we encourage you all to mint and collect OBJKTs for free. We believe that the OBJKT4OBJKT initiative helps to create a happier and healthier community within Hic et nunc and that by removing the monetization barrier it will help other artists and collectors to discover and build a more diverse art collection.
We would like to kindly remind everyone to only take 1 edition of any artwork you collect. We also suggest that artists write on their OBJKT description that it’s part of the #OBJKT4OBJKT event. Also adding "OBJKT4OBJKT" as a tag, in case its put on the secondary market the buyer(s) will be aware. We also recommend artists mint 500+ editions to prevent people collecting multiples of the same edition.

How to participate:
✸ Friday April 23rd ~ Sunday April 25th: sign up on hicetnunc
✸ Mint new OBJKTs for 0 Tezos (add #OBJKT4OBJKT tag), we suggest 500+ editions
✸ Fill in the form
✸ Share your OBJKTS on Twitter to help others discover them easier
✸ Share, collect and discover!

Suggested tags: #OBJKT4OBJKT #cleanNFT#NFTArt #NFTArtist #NFTCollector #swapNFT #cryptoart #Tezos #XTZ #hicetnunc

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