Artwork by Amelie Maia

OBJKT4OBJKT was an event ran in collaboration by DiverseNftArt and Hicetnunc on the weekend of March 26th until 28th 2021, in which artists were encouraged to mint their OBJKTs (an name given to NFTs on the Hicetnunc platform) for free in order to swap with other artists and build a more diverse NFT collection.

The idea for OBJKT4OBJKT was inspired by zine festivals where artists swap their zines with one another, without involving money. This practice helps to build a community and encourages artists to connect with one another on a personal level. By removing the monetization barrier throughout the event, artists and collectors were able to discover and build a more diverse art collection for free. Over the event days, Hicetnunc’s transactions
averaged at 10462 creating a 226.86% increase over the weekend. DiverseNftArt listed 247 OBJKTs that were part of the event, but there were more OBJKTs minted for free that weren’t listed. Established artists such as Angie Taylor, Helena Sarin, Diane Drubay and Mario Klingemann also joined in on the event giving away free art. There were more than 500 tweets with the hashtag #OBJKT4OBJKT, reaching almost 500K users. During the event, people were happy to share their art and collect from artists they admire whilst also discovering new
artists along the way.

Press Release 

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