DiverseNftArt was co-founded in March 2021 by Amelie Maia and Taís Koshino.

We are a collective that supports and nurtures diversity and inclusivity in the NFT art space. We believe that bringing people together through a shared love of artistic practice can help form new connections, ideas and collaboration.

We share and amplify voices of women, non-binary, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC artists and their NFT creations. Our aim is to inspire a community to bring forth changes that promotes inclusivity and authenticity in a space that is unique and full of color.

If you have suggestions, questions, ideas or projects, please contact us on:

Amelie Maia is an English artist based in Toronto, she uses code as a medium to create art and sculpture. Her personal artworks and projects primarily focus on the relationship between human emotion and art.

Taís Koshino is a Brazilian artist, researcher and curator. She works mostly with drawing and experimenting with different kinds of media. She investigates the possibilities of drawing to embrace imprecision and impermanence, in which another perception can emerge.

News, articles and press

Clean NFTs on Tezos by TQ Tezos (03/21/2021)

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